How It Works

What To Expect at a NOLA Food Swap

What to Bring
Bring edibles made from scratch, by you, and trade them for other people’s homemade goods. Anything goes as long as it is made (or grown!) by you and delicious since you will be sharing your items with others. Anything is swappable! Good choices are jams, pickles, bread, cheese, beer, wine, yogurt, granola, herbs, pestos, fresh veggies from your garden, etc. Get as creative as you’d like! Check out our photos from past swaps for ideas.

How Much to Bring
Bring enough to swap with at least five people. It is up to you if you want to bring five of the same thing or several different types of things. Have your items already packaged to make it easier for people to take. It’s also a great idea to bring enough for samples so others can taste your item before making the decision to trade.  Be prepared to provide a list of ingredients as well in case of food allergies.

At the Swap
When you arrive at the swap, you will sign in, put on a name tag, and fill out a bid sheet for your item. The sheet includes your name, what item(s) you brought, and any special notes about your homemade goodies. Our bid sheet looks like this. As people arrive, we will arrange our swap items on the provided tables with our completed bid sheets.

The Swapping Process
Now comes the fun part! For the first half of the event, we will peruse and sample all of the goodies. Now is the time to start thinking about what you want to swap for. This is a good time to meet other swappers and trade tips and tricks about the items you brought or items you see. Once you see everything, begin writing down bids for the items you want. After everyone has gotten a chance to see all of the available items and put in bids, a coordinator will announce that it is time to start swapping. Now you will barter your items based on the bids on your sheet and bids you have placed. Don’t be shy! If you want something but the swapper didn’t bid on your item, you can always ask them directly, in the true style of bartering!

Take Home Your Goodies!
Now you have unique homemade goods to bring home and experiment with! Bring a tote bag or recycled grocery bag to bring home the items you swap for at the end of the event. Enjoy and use them for inspiration for what you’ll bring to the next swap!


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