Join us for the September swap!

It’s time for our 3rd New Orleans food swap! Please come to our monthly swap and exchange your homemade edible goods for others homemade edibles. This can include anything made by you from scratch: bread, cheese, wine, jam, pickles, etc. Anything at all is allowed as long as it is edible, swappable, and hopefully delicious!

The past two food swaps were a great success. Hosted at La Divina Gelateria on Magazine Street, both the July and August swaps were great opportunities to get together and share homemade goodies while gathering new inspiration for future culinary endeavors. Some delicious items that starred in our recent swaps include: pancetta, duck eggs, ginger-peach jam, cultured butter, smoked salsa verde, fresh local herbs, ginger beer, paneer, bacon, pickled okra, barbecue sauce, homemade creole seasoning, and numerous hand-crafted pastries and candies.  And that’s just scratching the surface!

Please spread the word to your local foodie friends. The more people that come out to trade, the more you get to take home in the end. Please bring at least five things to trade. This could be five of the same thing or five different things; it’s up to you. If you have more questions about how food swaps work, check out our How It Works page.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!